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Your Guide To Getting This Year’s Festival Look.

Posted by Sarah Walters on

Where Can You Show Off Your Festival Look?

We are right into the festival season at the moment. If you are attending one of this year, what to wear and getting the festival look, will be high on the agenda. Glastonbury has just come to an end, with Ed Sheeran closing the show on the famous Pyramid Stage.


Glastonbury's famous Pyramid Stage. Image curtesy of

Festivals happen all over the world.  Our music festivals here in the UK are famous for their creative art and booking some of the best acts from around the globe.  The festival calendar for 2017 is packed full, catering for many, young and old, with varying tastes in music.  Some of the big ones this year include, Boardmasters, The Isle of White, Reading and Leeds, to name but a few!  If dance is more your thing, take a look at Creamfields.

With so many festivals just around the corner, up and down the country, we need to get our outfits prepared to achieve that festival look!

What Are The Key Essentials For This Year’s Festival Look?

Anything goes really at festivals. Sometimes the louder, the crazier, the skimpier - maybe, the better!

One thing you can’t go wrong with is a cool pair of sunglasses. Round mirrored styles have been hot this year.

Anything shiny, shimmery, or covered in sequins is a must, for standing out in that crowd!

Beautiful shimmering festival fashion. Image curtesy of:

Getting your hair right is another festival look must. Hair braids are as popular as ever, or beautiful mermaid hair are another great look. Adding pastel coloured hair chalk will bring these styles well on trend.

Glitter is a necessity, whether it’s glitter make up or glitter body art make sure you pack some!

As far as your clothes, fringes on anything are great. Fringes on jackets, boots and bags are a great way to get the look.  A fringed kimono will add a touch of elegance and femininity to any outfit.

How To Prepare For That Inevitable Rain, Festivals Normally Bring.

The Glastonbury Festival is notorious for it’s rainy days and mud. I was going to say muddy puddles, but mud baths is usually more appropriate. But this year to everyone’s surprise, it was dry, and I believe the mud was slightly missed!

Living in the UK, rain and festivals usually go hand in hand.  So getting the festival look that is prepared for the wet is a must.  See through ponchos are a great way to keep dry as they don't cover up that beautiful outfit you have spent so long creating.  Umbrellas are another essential. Whether it’s one of these umbrella hats, or a standard one, make sure there’s one in your bag. Umbrellas also double up as a great way to follow and find your friends in the crowds!  A great pair of wellingtons goes without saying.

Keep those feet dry!  Enjoy splashing in the puddles!  Have fun squelching through that mud!

Festival goers enjoying the mud! Image curtesy of

If you know someone going to a festival and would enjoy squelching through the mud in a pair of great wellingtons.  Then enter Festival20 at the checkout to enjoy 20% off the great wellingtons collection till the 31st July 2017.

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