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Poncho Fashion - A Guide To Choosing The Latests Styles For Girls This Spring.

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How Has Poncho Fashion Changed Over Time?

A Poncho basically is an outer garment which is designed to keep body warm. A simple poncho is made from a large sheet of material with an opening in the centre for the head to go through. A Rain Poncho is made from a water resistant or waterproof fabric and is designed to keep the body dry. An extra piece for fabric is often added as a hood, to keep out the wind and rain.

Traditional Alpaca Ponchos at the Otavalo Artisan Market in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Picture courtesy of David Adam Kess.

Traditional Alpaca Ponchos at the Otavalo Artisan Market in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Picture courtesy of David Adam Kess.


Early ponchos were very popular amongst the Native Americans in the Andes, and are also a very typical South American garment.

Poncho Fashion these days is still based on the same shape as early ponchos. New modern garments are made out of a variety different materials and fabrics. There are many beautiful styles which are made from wool and yarn, constructed using wonderful knitting structures and crochet designs.

Poncho Fashion remains stylish, yet comfortable and breathable. They are very often still used to provide warmth and coverage from the elements, as well as being a popular fashion accessory.


Why Should You Follow The Poncho Fashion Trend For Rainwear?

Ponchos are a great alternative to traditional rainwear. They are perfect for the Great British weather, as we approach those spring showers. Dressing for the Spring can be tricky.

Ponchos offer a functional and fashionable solution.

Poncho Fashion was well on trend at festivals last year. They were the essential item not to be without.  Many examples were seen in a rainbow of beautiful colours and fun prints. They are great to carry in a bag for that unexpected shower. Which makes them the must have item for holidays, camping and days out!


How To Get The Poncho Fashion Look This Spring.

I’ve found some lovely adult Ponchos available from Hunter for the season. The oversize unisex style features the Hunter Branding across the back. The unique design has a clever waterproof pocket on the front of the poncho. This pocket has internal and external access, to ensure your belongings stay dry. The hooded design comes in a variety of colours, which span from white, pink and graphite. My favourite is a beautiful colour called Sunset, perfect for those Spring showers.

For Girls this Spring, Reign About Town offer a ‘Pretty Poncho’ in an array of bright colours, perfect for those rainy days. The hooded design is unique in the fact that it is also reversible. The reverse side feature some fab colourful prints. Ensuring two wonderful ponchos in one garment! The design also features a cute umbrella charm on each of the four corners of the poncho.

This Pretty Poncho is simply adorable!Available at

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