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With Our Lifestyles And Buying Habits Changing, Just How Is It Making A Difference To Our Fashion Trends?

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How Is Our Buying Influencing Our Fashion Trends?

Fashion trends are changing. It is being influenced by our ever changing lifestyle. Clothes are becoming more versatile, sustainable and recycled. Customers are buying less, but are buying quality. Buying clothes to last. Customers want more for their money. Versatility is important. Like a two piece dress. This can be worn as a set, a dress and a blouse, on different occasions.

Reversible rain macs by Reign About Town
Reign About Town - Reversible Rain Macs


Reversible outerwear is becoming increasingly popular.

Reversible fashion means you get two garments for the price of one. The days of buying volume of cheap fast fashion seem to becoming to an end. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environment. They are becoming conscious of the waste that comes when we no longer want these items.


How Are Our Lifestyles Changing, And How Are They Influencing Fashion Trends?

More and more people are working from home. In 2020 they estimate that 45% of the USA will be working from home. So with this, there seems to be an increase in demand for versatile comfortable fashion. With a cross over of comfort and workwear. Comfortable wide leg trouser sales are on the up, amongst others.

This shift also stems from people becoming more active. They are becoming more conscious of health and exercise. There is an increase of consumers walking and cycling into work. As well as visiting the gym at lunchtime or after work. So more comfortable versatile workwear is important to many now too.

Athletic fashion on the rise. Photo taken at Pure Show London 2017 by Sarah Walters.
Athletic Fashion - Photo taken by Sarah Walters, Pure Show London 2017.

Slounge-wear is a new fashion trend this year. It combines sleepwear and loungewear.

 A comfortable trend that takes you from bed to lounging at home. Perhaps with ‘stopping in is the new going out’, so popular, this is now on the up as well.


What Are The Key Pieces For More Versatile And Comfortable Fashion Trends?

A new trend is growing called Feminine Utility. It’s a combination of a wearable utility style with a feminine slant. Dresses are now the leading product mix in the UK. But also women are choosing more formal choices, for example a tailored blazer. The blazer can be worn over a soft blouse. Like blouses with angel sleeves. These are great at creating a feminine angel silhouette when the jacket is removed.

Feminine Utility, Dresses, Wide Leg Trousers

Feminine Utility, dresses and comfortable wide leg trousers. Photos taken by Sarah Walters at The Pure Show London 2017.

The feminine utility also sees items like trenches and shirts. Single breasted blazers and one and a half breasted blazers are a must. Leave them open for a more comfortable look.

Trenches are still as popular, and are a tried and tested silhouette for the season. Drawstring top trousers which create volume at the top are on trend for this forthcoming season. Wrap blouses are also a must, and get more for your money with tunics that turn into tops.

So choose comfort and versatility this season.

Think about the longevity of a purchase. The quality and end uses of the garment, are also important. This season’s fashion trend sets to take you from sleep to leisure. It can take you from leisure to work. Then a full circle back again to loungewear. Amazing!

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