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Where Do Fashion Trends Come From Today, The Catwalk Or Instagram Influencers?

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How Do Fashion Trends Evolve From The Catwalk?

Can you remember a world before social media and Instagram Influencers? 

Fashion trends used to trickle down from the couture on the catwalk shows and runways.  Then into luxury fashion and premium brands, to diffusion lines.  Then the mass market on the high street, and finally the economy brands.

We have been colour forecasting fashion trends for decades.  Since 1915, forecasters have been using Pantone references for colours which are going to be on trend for the forthcoming seasons.  This hasn’t changed.  The runway palette for Autumn 18 consisted of key colours such as monochrome, bright pinks and reds.  We saw vivid reds on the catwalk by Valentino.  We then saw bright pinks on the high street by Zara.  The spring 2019 forecast for fashion trends see Pantone colour refs of Pink Peacock, Pepper Green and Flame Orange.

Pantone Reference Colours for Spring 2019. Slide curtesy of EDITED, Pure London 2019.  

What Path Do Print and Shape Fashion Trends Take?

Take the zebra print fashion trend for example.  This was featured on the catwalk by Saint Laurent.  Popular Instagram Influencers like Janelle Monae who has nearly 3m followers, have been photographed in zebra print.  It then became a mainstream retail arrival. With Topshop featuring a zebra print dress in their newsletter.  It sold out!  The print has now become popular in street style.  A similar path is also happening with snake print and leopard print.


Instagram Influencers Zebra Print fashion Trend

Instagram influencers in Zebra Print.  Slide curtesy of EDITED, Pure London 2019.

A shape fashion trend followed a slightly different path.  The boiler suit was on the catwalk in September 2017, and in luxury retail by February 2018.  By July 2018 early mass market adapters had got on board with this trend.  By Fall 2018 it was on the high street in the likes of Topshop and ASOS. 

Street style and Instagram Influencers reacted to this trend. 

In January 2019 we saw new season newness of the same trend.

How Do Instagram Influencers Create fashion Trends?

These days fashion trends come from many different places, as well as the catwalk.  With the growth of the internet and social media, trends and looks can be shared instantly all over the world.  Street style looks and city style, as well as Instagram influencers all now play an important role in the world of fashion.  The ever increasing technology of our phones and cameras mean we can take inspiration from anywhere and share it immediately.

Photograph by Sarah Walters. Kiki Riki Catwalk Show Pure London 2019.

Today it’s hard to know who is leading who.  Fashion trends off the catwalk make their way to the high street, then certain aspects become a street trend thanks to Instagram influencers and return to the runway.  We now have more of a trend cycle,  going round from runway to retail to street and back again.   

A fashion trend can start at any point now and follow any different path. 

Which makes the world of fashion even more exciting!

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