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Ladies Retro Scarf Pink and Brown Design Print

  • £4.00

This item is listed in the Reign About Sustain category, where pre-loved clothes and textiles are given a new life through recycling and up-cycling.


This lovely scarf has a pink and brown printed design. It is listed as used, please see condition description and photos for more details.  

The age of this item is unknown, although it should be from between the 70's to 00's.

It's branded Wistel SNIA.  It is 100% Polyester and can be washed at 30. 
I have measured it as approximately 59cm X 27.5cm.
This item is pre-loved and may have a few defects through the age of the item and wear.  Overall it is in a lovely condition with a few thin pulls across the print.
Thank you for your interest in our pre-loved item, please get in touch if you have any questions.

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