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Evercreatures Ladies Wellington Cow Print

  • £47.00

Brighten up your feet with these wonderful wellies from Evercreatures.  Inspired by the black and white cow print this design is timeless!

The Cow Welly features a black stripe down the back of the welly and a buckle fastener on the side.  They have the Evercreatures logo on the front of the boot, and the name on the buckle and branding on the back.  
These wellingtons are comfortable, durable and stylish, and made from 100% natural rubber, in the highest quality rubber mix.  This makes them not only comfortable, but resistant to cracks and of course 100% waterproof!  The beautiful contoured shape make the welly very versatile, and looks great with jeans, a fab pair of socks or against the naked leg - perfect for festivals!
The insole is a high quality 5mm, which is removable if you want to swap and change to another one. The unique outsole is designed for grip, comfort and durability.
Each pair will be sent in an eco-friendly recycled cardboard box.  Stylish and durable, the boxes also have a carry handle.  Inside the box, each boot will be packed with an air filled sock to ensure the boots regain their shape. Each boot is also packed in individual eco-friendly cotton bag, to prevent scuffs and marks.